Michael’s Garage Oy is an Espoo based workshop specializing in American cars

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Michael’s Garage Oy, based in Espoo, is a family-owned workshop in Espoo that invests in customer-oriented service and top-quality car maintenance. We handle things reliably and always respecting the customer's interests. We serve in English too! Read more about the backgrounds of our company and contact us when you need the services of an automotive expert.

An American repairing Americans since 1988

Michael Harry, the American founder of Michael’s Garage Oy, is a true specialist in American cars. Michael had gained experience in servicing U.S. cars long before he moved to Finland in 1996. In Finland, Michael began working under an authorized car dealer in Espoo, specializing in servicing American cars – of course.

After working under others for 11 years, Michael, the founder of our company, felt he had matured enough to start his own business.

Michael’s Garage Oy was started in November 2008, when a small workshop company opened its doors at its Espoo garage.

Today, more than ten years later, the successful and ever-expanding Michael’s Garage Oy serves its wide and satisfied customer base, offering exceptionally high-quality car maintenance for the needs of every car owner.

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Service on customer's terms

The cornerstone of the service of the family-owned Michael’s Garage Oy since its establishment has been to offer a better, higher quality and more customer-oriented service than other workshops. We want to be a reliable partner for every car owner, doing things the right way. Our excellent value for money is one of our biggest competitive advantages. With us, the customer is always made aware of the measures to be carried out in their car and the final choice is always made by the customer.

Servicing American cars is our core competence, but with the same strong expertise in our hands, all cars, regardless of make, model or age, can be serviced. We approach our work with passion and endless interest. That is why you can trust the quality of our services time and time again.

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